Sunday, November 16, 2008

How was my CAT ?

today I woke up early in the morning to pray........ I do this regularly on every exam day :). Then as usual I got some call from my friends wishing me luck.

But I knew luck is not going to help me much. What would help me is the ability to keep myself calm under strenuous conditions. So I did not bother studying and went on to have my breakfast.

I left home by 8:45 and reached the test venue(St.Josephs college)at 9:00. I saw very few members at the gate and thought that, not much of them are as punctual as me and wouldn't have come so early. I did not realize that I was at the back gate of the college until I saw two beautiful girls climbing down the Benz(C-class). One was a bit stout and had a even more fat book in her hand. She seemed as though she knew what questions were coming in the CAT and so memorizing only those questions. The other girl had a beautiful smile on her face, yet seemed nervous and had a pageful of formulas hand written.

These girls asked the person standing beside me the address for the main gate.... He pointed towards the main gate and they moved along as I followed them. There was a very huge crowd waiting for the gate to be opened. The time was 9:30 by then and the administers had told the gate will be opened only at 9:45.

i had just had a look at my competitors and felt the jerk. Some had that nervousness. some were very anxious and discussing about what surprises can this CAT turn up. I also heard some one who has come all the way from ahemadabad to write this CAT, not because he had prepared well for CAT, but because he had feared recession and lay offs. After a while I found out that he is working in TCS. Many of his friends were laid off by the same company recently.

We went in at 9:45 pm and took our seats. The proceedings began at 10:00, and for half an hour there were OMR sheets to be filled and Instructions to be read.

At 10:30 we were allowed to open our test booklet.
As usual in CAT there were three sections. Section I and II consisting of 25 questions and section3(verbal) consisting of 40 questions.

I took up verbal because of the amount of questions involved. I really don't know how well I have performed. But to be frank. I took a lot of chances in all the three sections. I attended 21,10,8 questions respectively in verbal,quant,DI. I couldn't attend much in the DI due to time constraint. I was hoping DI to be easy and took time for quants from DI section.

The paper maybe termed as challenging. some were straight forward while many were actually tough.

I was in a bad mood after doing the CAT so badly. As I saw the grim faces when I walked out of the room...the tension eased a bit....every one were even more anxious looking than they were before CAT. Each one of us had that baffled look. No discussions nothing, I just came back to the parking place...and leaned over my bike to see the same two females whom I saw when I entered this place.

This time the picture was different. The girl who I said was a bit stout had tears in her eyes. She was explaining her friend how much she had worked for this day. It seemed like the other was condoling her and also feeling pity about herself in her heart.

I thought to myself. This is not the end of life !!!!!!!

OR IS IT ???

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Pavan said...

Hey Naveen I think u r more bothered about the two females rather than bothering on wat u have to exactly bother about. What do u say dear!!!!!!!! IS IT NOT or IS IT?

I don’t think this is the end of life or roads in your life, I am confident that u will bounce back as an unexpected Lee Bouncer in the early overs…………

Best of luck my dear friend………….Hey don’t forget to answer my question…….

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